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Switch Plate Factory download

Switch Plate Factory

Create your own switch plate covers with text, graphics and more! Just add any kind of clipart, pictures, text to create your own covers for switches, outlets, etc. Over 12 built-i...

Updated On: 01/17/2008

Mind Prober 3.0 download

Mind Prober 3.0

 Now Mind Prober 3.0 goes way beyond the original Mind Prober. Mind Prober includes vast compilation of information on vocational interests, intellectual skills, and dream int...

Updated On: 03/31/2011

Investigation Kit download

Investigation Kit

Access investigative tools from the privacy of your own home. This program allows you to tap into the very same information sources that are used by private investigators and law e...

Updated On: 11/02/2007

Cards Plus download

Cards Plus

210 all occasion greeting cards plus planner and calendar, written, formatted and ready to use.

Updated On: 06/08/2007

Guide4Tie download


Guide4Tie is an application that presents you with step-by-step instructions on how to tie different types of necktie knots. You have to install the MIDP Java Profile on your Palm ...

Updated On: 11/02/2007

Motion Detection download

Motion Detection

Creates a movie from anything in motion in front of the selected webcam

Updated On: 06/08/2007

Timer 12 download

Timer 12

This super multiple Timer application will get the job done. 12 individually controllable Timers with Pictures, Titles, Start, Stop, Resume and Reset Buttons. An easy to read lar...

Updated On: 06/08/2007

Shakespeare Plus download

Shakespeare Plus

Greeting cards with Shakespeare quotes and organizer, ready to use.

Updated On: 06/08/2007

Countdown Clock download

Countdown Clock

Countdown Clock allows you to count down time with an alarm. It's great when needing a countdown timer to be reminded of a specific event such as checking the roast cookin...

Updated On: 01/17/2008

Learn to Draw for Beginners download

Learn to Draw for Beginners

A fun and interactive software program for those who want to learn how to draw. It offers 25 drawing exercises for your drawing practice. Best of all, the program will act as your ...

Updated On: 07/11/2007

Cards Right Now download

Cards Right Now

A personal library of over 200 high quality all occasion greeting and note cards (birthday, holiday and more) featuring photographs and illustrations taken from nature. Cards are ...

Updated On: 06/08/2007



Product Code: FwFD<BR>Version: 2012 <P><P> This program, FAMILY DECISIONS, is one of the most useful tools your family will ever use. <P><P> Hel...

Updated On: 05/07/2011

Karaoke-to-Text-with-Chords download


Karaoke-to-Text-with-Chords is a program intended for extraction of the texts of songs from karaoke files and determining of chords for them. Here its major features: Karaoke and...

Updated On: 04/01/2011

Video Store Business Plan - from <a href=http://www.BusinessPlanWorld.com>BusinessPlanWorld.com</a> download

Video Store Business Plan - from BusinessPlanWorld.com

<![CDATA[An Actual Video Store Business Plan (50 pages) for use in MS Word. 3 year Projected Income Statement for use in MS Excel. Balance Statement for use in MS Excel. Actu...

Updated On: 02/03/2011

StoppUhr/Stopwatch download


Useful Windows Tool for exact time measurement (Stopwatch) or for running a countdown. With a resolution of up to a thousandth of a second and self adjusted display color and size....

Updated On: 01/18/2011

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