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Color Finger download

Color Finger

Are you looking for a super easy tool to pick color on screen? Color Finger can help you do that.With Color Finger, thousands of colors from website, screen can now be picked wit...

Updated On: 09/24/2008

EDraw Flowchart Software 1.6.8 download

EDraw Flowchart Software 1.6.8

EDraw is a new, rapid and powerful flowchart design software, novel, small and exquisite, who works in the following fields: basic flowcharts, organizational charts, business chart...

Updated On: 07/22/2009

Jigsaw Puzzle Creator for CorelDRAW download

Jigsaw Puzzle Creator for CorelDRAW

Jigsaw Puzzle Creator for CorelDRAW allows to generate a variety of jigsaw puzzles automatically right in CorelDRAW document.

Updated On: 11/01/2007

Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW download

Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW

Highly customizable CorelDRAW 10+ add-on to create various calendar layouts

Updated On: 06/08/2007

SecuriDesign for CorelDRAW download

SecuriDesign for CorelDRAW

SecuriDesign for CorelDRAW allows you to design various guilloche patterns, borders and other elements frequently used on certificates, secure documents, money bills etc.

Updated On: 12/09/2010

Insofta Cover Commander download

Insofta Cover Commander

Insofta Cover Commander is a typical designer's task create an image of a product box for a Web site, electronic presentation or a paper publication.

Updated On: 07/22/2009

PDF Editor download

PDF Editor

It is easy to edit existing PDF files with PDF Editor! With the 11 new tools you can move and zoom the text and pictures and you can edit text blocks, insert empty lines or change ...

Updated On: 01/11/2011

M8 Multi Clipboard V9. download

M8 Multi Clipboard V9.

Multi Clipboard with graphic clip editor

Updated On: 06/08/2007

Fit Objects To Path for CorelDRAW download

Fit Objects To Path for CorelDRAW

Arranges selected objects along a given curve path

Updated On: 06/08/2007

PhotoS download


PhotoS converts photographs into line drawings. You need to try to see. Load your favorite high-resolution photo, click the button, and you are the author of a fine line drawing, o...

Updated On: 12/09/2010

FaxSee Pro download

FaxSee Pro

FaxSee Pro is a fax viewer browser and fax to tiff converter, able to browse open view print flip mirror slide show.

Updated On: 07/23/2009

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker download

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

The top is a convenient toolbar and buttons, you can easily increase the object, adjust the position, rotation, scaling and so on. The right is property and templates, including ...

Updated On: 12/17/2010

Photo to Cartoon download

Photo to Cartoon

Photo to Cartoon converts photographs of people into cartoons and portraits. It is a handy tool both for artists and those who don't know how to draw.

Updated On: 12/09/2010

USA HIGH DETAIL MAPS - 50 STATE FRAMED (ai format) download


Detailed state map includes all counties, major highways and roads, rivers, lakes, city and town locations. Shows the entire state, with portions of adjacent states. Poster Size Hi...

Updated On: 02/22/2011

Poster Printer (Business license) download

Poster Printer (Business license)

RonyaSoft Poster Printer software is software program for large format poster and banner printing, big size sign and wall photo mural making. No special poster size plotters are...

Updated On: 02/22/2011

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