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ShutDownOne Pro v4.00 download

ShutDownOne Pro v4.00

ShutDownOne Pro is an easy-to-use, tray-based system utility that can automatically perform various frequently used operations such as shutting down, restarting, switching power of...

Updated On: 10/24/2007

FlashPaste Professional download

FlashPaste Professional

Flashpaste is a new breed of text copying utility. The Windows clipboard is enough for most computer users but writers, coders, and developers need a more powerful, easily customiz...

Updated On: 10/24/2007

Universal Desktop Ruler download

Universal Desktop Ruler

Univerasl Desktop Ruler allows you to measure not only a straight line distance but any curved distance on the Screen. It allows you to measure quickly and accurately distances, ar...

Updated On: 10/24/2007

Desktop Ruler download

Desktop Ruler

Desktop Ruler resembles a virtual ruler, that can be used to measure pixels, inches or centimeters on your desktop.

Updated On: 10/24/2007

Rocket Retriever 3 download

Rocket Retriever 3

Command line file search and launch utility for Windows

Updated On: 06/08/2007

Desktop Magnifier download

Desktop Magnifier

Desktop Magnifier is, just as its name indicates, a magnifier utility/tool for your desktop. Although you probably have something like this already installed on your system among "...

Updated On: 06/08/2007

Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe download

Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe

Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe is an elegant solution to the icons arrangement problem. With a large number of applications the user encounters a problem of their quick launch.

Updated On: 10/24/2007

Elegant Clock download

Elegant Clock

Elegant Clock is a good-looking skinnable analog clock you can run on the top of your desktop. Make your clock looks like a grandfather one or change it's appearance to somethi...

Updated On: 01/26/2011

1st Clock download

1st Clock

Enhance taskbar clock with time, date, resource information in any format you wish, alarms, atomic time synchronization, popup calendar, time zones and more

Updated On: 06/08/2007

T-Minus Countdown Clock Design Studio download

T-Minus Countdown Clock Design Studio

Countdown Clock Features A software program for your PC that's fun and easy to use. The Countdown Clock sits on your desktop so you can monitor the time until your special event. ...

Updated On: 06/08/2007

Desktop Lunar Calendar download

Desktop Lunar Calendar

Live moon on your desktop!

Updated On: 06/08/2007

CopyFilenames download


CopyFilenames is a useful and time-saving utility. It adds some handy extra commands to the context menu in Windows Explorer. The commands are "Copy Filenames" which copies the nam...

Updated On: 10/29/2007

Changer XP download

Changer XP

Changer XP Makes Your Computer Fit Your Lifestyle!

Updated On: 06/08/2007

TaskSwitch download


If you want it to run with windows put the EXE-File into the group Autostart and then it starts with Windows! TaskSwitch easy to use, quickly and fine!

Updated On: 04/16/2011

Transporter download


This program allows you to seamlessly take controle of separate windows on a remote computer instead of the entire desktop. If your network and cpu allows it, it fast enough to rem...

Updated On: 04/02/2011

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